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Start building and managing a profitable affiliate program today with AffiliateShop.

Affiliates & Publishers

Want to make more money with your web site? Join one of our merchants’ affiliate programs and earn commissions for referring them traffic and sales.

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Affiliate Commission Models

AffiliateShop supports all types of pay-for-performance affiliate commission models, giving you detailed control over your program setup. As soon as you sign up for an account with AffiliateShop, our Commission Setup Wizard walks you through the process of setting up your affiliate commission structure and gives you all the code you need to set up your site.


Affiliate Commission Models


You have the flexibility of configuring the following sophisticated affiliate commission models:

  1. Pay-per-click
  2. Pay-per-lead
  3. Pay-per-sale
  4. Pay-per-% of sale for a selected product
  5. Pay-per-sale based on the amount/quantity of a specific product

With AffiliateShop’s affiliate sales tracking software, a merchant can even combine or switch between one or more affiliate commission models listed above creating a complex, hybrid commission structure. With a hybrid commission structure the possibilities are endless.



Recurring Commission Tracking


An example of a recurring or residual commission would be if you collect monthly subscription fees on a recurring basis. AffiliateShop allows a merchant to automatically credit affiliates every month (or any customized interval) for recurring commissions starting from the first sale that resulted from the affiliates’ referrals. For as long as that customer stays and pays for your subscription-based service, your affiliate will be paid a specified recurring commission.



Track Pending Leads or Sales from an Affiliate


As a merchant, you can track a sale that has not materialized yet. In this case, your affiliate has sent you a customer, but they have not yet paid for your service or product. You can approve or reject a pending lead or sale, depending on the payment status of the customer to accurately pay commissions to your affiliates.



Give Manual Sale Credit to an Affiliate


What if your sale process is not automated by a shopping cart or payment processing system? AffiliateShop has fixed this problem for you so that you can manually credit a sale to a particular affiliate so they can still earn commissions for sales that take place offline.



Multi-level Affiliate Marketing Program


This is an attractive affiliate commission model because an affiliate has the opportunity to earn even more commissions through a multi-tier structure. Affiliates can recruit child affiliates that can refer customers to your business. As a merchant, you can specify the amount to be paid to multiple tiers of affiliates. This structure gives the parent affiliate a greater opportunity to earn more revenue while you grow your affiliate network, increasing the leads directed to your online business. The new release of AffiliateShop allows you to implement 4 tiers or more.



Vary Affiliate Commissions by Volume or Sale


You don’t have to pay every affiliate the same if you want to reward your top performers with a higher commission. AffiliateShop allows you to apply a stepwise commission rate to your affiliate partner program to reward an affiliate once the order amount reaches a specific sale or volume amount. Reward those affiliates who are generating the most leads, sales, or traffic to give them a greater incentive. For example, you can choose to pay 5% for the 1st 3 sales with an order above than $50, 8% for the fourth to the tenth sale with an order below $100, and 10% for the eleventh sale onwards with an order above $100.



Easily Pay-Out Commissions to Affiliates with PremierPay

  AffiliateShop's PremierPay service can essentially relieve you of the hassle of cutting checks and mailing payments to your affiliates. Let AffiliateShop handle this mundane and laborious task for you. With PremierPay, you will have the following features and advantages:
  • More time to manage your business and for everything else.
  • Just manage a single escrow account with us and cut down on messy
    accounting entries.
  • AffiliateShop will send you the list of commissions to be approved first
    before payment is made.
  • Determine the minimum commission threshold to pay
  • Set your own payment interval (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc)
  • Online viewing of payment history and escrow account balance. (all
    commissions will be paid out from your escrow account)

AffiliateShop offers a comprehensive payment reporting as well for merchants who prefer to pay checks on their own.

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